August 20-Brighton ON
Host: Labrador Owners Club
The Ontario-based Labrador Owners Club was the host club for the 2012 National Master Hunt Test, along with support from the members of a number of other Southern Ontario retriever clubs.
The Labrador Owners Club, or LOC, is a group of Labrador Retriever enthusiasts who either own a Labrador or who are merely interested in the breed. More information on the host club can be found here.
Judges for the 2012 Canadian National Master

Zone 1: Gilles Gelinas (0002346), Grand'mere, QC



My name is Gilles Gélinas, active member of a healthy retriever club in Quebec. In the picture above you see me with my two dogs, Laďka and Mia. Laďka is my female black lab who earned the GMH. Mia is my female golden retriever who is currently being trained and earned her JH in 2010.


I have been involved in all aspects surrounding retrievers for 23 years. I am an avid game bird hunter, and this brought me to acquire my first retriever . As soon as I bought my first lab, I was introduced into the world of retrievers via a club.


I have dedicated a lot of time to training my dogs. Over the years I have obtained an MHR title with one of my female yellow labs, a GMH title with one of my female black labs, and I currently have a female golden retriever, in training, who has completed her JH and started her Senior in 2011. I have been involved in organising and judging hunt tests for retrievers for many years. I am very proud to have been selected as a judge. I wish good luck to all participants and very good week to all visitors.


Gilles Gélinas.


Zone 3:Harry Steingart (0001283), Winnipeg, MB

Harry Steingart began running and handling dogs in 1989. He was initially trained under the NAHRA program, which is similar to the CKC Hunt Test.


He has judged over 40 Master events across North America, as well as the National Open in Long Point, Ontario.


Like many of you, Harry will never forget the first dog he trained. Mama Cass was a chocolate lab whose marking was outstanding and whose "birdiness" was so strong, it nearly killed her.


One late evening duck hunt, she launched out of the boat for a long retrieve. She was a veteran in the marsh (having passed eleven straight Sr. [Master] Hunt Tests), but her burning desire to get the mallard that night overrode everything else. She went after it and did not come back.


For four days, Harry and his friends looked for Mama Cass from the air, the water and on foot.  At the end, Harry left his hunting jacket under a tree, hoping his beloved hunting partner might catch the scent and work her way home.  Early morning on day five, a fellow duck hunter noticed a dog working across the channel among heavy, rolling waves, never giving up.


Ten pounds lighter – her hunting vest hanging loosely on her and her face and legs raw from thrashing through the marsh – Mama Cass showed what tenacity, desire and perseverance really mean.


Harry knows exactly how much work and love and worry go into bringing these amazing dogs to this level and would love to see each team achieve the standard.  In return, Harry will judge each dog as if they were Mama Cass.


Special thanks for all the volunteers who make this event possible.




Zone 4:Barry Ps Kolodychuk (0001128), Chilliwack, BC

I have been an avid water fowler and pheasant hunter my entire life. Along with my passion of bird hunting is my love of all the sporting dogs, with the retrievers being one of my favorites.

  After I finished college, I began my career with BC Fish & Wildlife and have lived in the Fraser Valley since 1988. I joined the BC Labrador Retriever Club and started running field trials as hunt tests hadn’t begun yet. I have been working with bird dogs for over 20 years and have been professionally training hunting dogs since 1998.  To date I have trained about 25 CKC Master retrievers, and too many bird dogs to count.

I love the thrill of seeing a finished bird dog work. What stands out for me the most is seeing a dog and handler work together to retrieve the birds in a smooth proficient manner. This can only be accomplished by countless hours of hard work and a love and respect of what these dogs are bred to do. Watching a retriever brave the elements and/or show the courage to fight a cross wind or current in the water just to retrieve a bird still pulls at my heart strings.

I am looking forward to this national judging assignment, working with Harry, Gilles and members of the Labrador Owners Club to put on a great National Master. 



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